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  • Nailbiter



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    No happy endings here!

  • Neon Maniacs

    Neon Maniacs


    This movie had so much potential. Teenagers being offed by toxic monsters from underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. There are some really good kills, interesting monsters, a really good blood rain scene, the list goes on. But an interesting phenomenon we see here, and that is that a soundtrack has a huge overall effect on a movie. THIS ONE IS ATROCIOUS . Who was responsible for this?? I get that it's the 80's but that's no exuse. Return of the…

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  • New Year's Evil

    New Year's Evil


    Good old slasher! Decent soundtrack. Lol at the cheesy punks <3 and the "metal" and "punk rock" bands are actually not terrible. The killers intimidating phone calls are beyond laughable, but it is awesomely hilarious. Fake moustache. Lots o killin. Fresh out of the earliest end of the 80's in the traditional slasher form. Also judging by the other reviews Im the only one who likes this?? I dont get it. Oh well, true to normal fashion.

  • Evil Dead

    Evil Dead


    How is this a remake, exactly?

    I first saw this at the drive-in....couldnt see too well....rewatched to make sure I didnt miss something sinificant. Yeah, I didnt.

    This is not a remake of The Evil Dead. Im confused. Maybe Im stubborn. I dont think so. Where are the parallels? There is a cabin. There is reference to rituals, and a basement with an ancient book. There's a tree scene. Which is LAME by the way. Thats about the similarities. Worse…