A Day's Pleasure

A Day's Pleasure ★★½

A Year of Film History Challenge 2019
(watching a little bit of film history month by month, decade by decade)
Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp takes his family(?!) for a nice day's outing. Things do not go as planned.

Very unfocused short, which would be fine if the whole thing were funnier, but sadly it is not. The most humorous bits involve The Tramp getting into physical altercations with others (as was so often the case) but a lot of this feels like filler... including the family members tagging along with Chaplin, which is very unfortunate. Their presence here is completely wasted---they are not developed as characters in the slightest and don't even interact with Chaplin, but instead are mostly just there to occupy space near him. Considering how many of the performer's most charming moments in other films involved his interactions with a love interest or someone in his care, the omission feels almost inexcusable. Apparently Chaplin made this short film quickly while working on The Kid (1921) to fill a gap in production time. Judging by the finished product I might've guessed as much.

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