A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place ★★★★

A Horror movie with a lot of genuine familial warmth (how often do you see that in one of these?), beautiful cinematography, and plotholes galore, A Quiet Place reinvents the old genre convention of "be quiet or the killer will hear you" and makes a whole new incredibly intense type of jump-scare, and builds lots of great tension off of it. John Krasinski not only makes an impressive first stab at a Horror film, but turns in a terrific performance. Really all of them do, and like other viewers I can't help but be impressed by the chemistry and believability of this post-apocalyptic family who has to tell so much of the film's story through sign language and careful physical emotiveness. Both the cinematography and set design make their home a place of great warmth in the midst of a barren-but-beautiful small town in upstate New York, making it feel even more horrific when it's invaded by sound-sensitive alien predators. The sound design is pitch-perfect too, and in a movie like this it had to be.

While I can forgive plot elements that strain credulity like the fact that this family is preparing to have a child they're going to have to constantly drug for several years until he learns to be quiet (and through the magic of automated age progression software I found this pic of what that grown up kid might look like) I still can't help being a bit pissed at an ending that feels like a cop-out, and cuts to the credits right before we get a chance to see the climax we'd all been waiting for. It just made me feel again like A Quiet Place is symptomatic of that same issue I brought up in my review of The Void, that 2010s Horror movies are great at establishing their worlds but can't seem to deliver much of a pay off on them. Had A Quiet Place nailed that landing, I'd be heralding this as possibly a new classic, but for now it's just a highly-entertaining and unique Horror film (which it still pretty admirable tho).

Also, I wonder how many already exhausted parents are playing A Quiet Place: The Home Game with their unruly children in an effort to just get a few goddamn minutes of peace?

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