Panda! Go Panda!: Rainy Day Circus

Panda! Go Panda!: Rainy Day Circus ★★★½

The Anime Marches On! 2020 Challenge (bonus)
Really had no intention of watching this, but it came as a package deal with the last one so it just kinda happened.

So grandma's been gone a really long time and things have taken a turn for the weird(er) now that a lost tiger cub has been thrown into the panda family mix. The crew take to the circus to find his mom, and the action almost gets really dark for a minute when tiger mom gets loose from her cage.  For a few fraught seconds it seems like everyone is about to learn a very important lesson about getting between a tiger and her cub…but nope, almost instantly everything is smiles and tiger nose-licks. After that the movie spends the rest of its runtime literally riding the crazy train, which in case you didn't know is full of circus animals and can go underwater. Choo choo!

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