Paprika ★★★★½

The Anime Marches On! 2019 Challenge (26/26)
Five Anime Films from the 2000s (5/5)
Cerebral gets thrown around a lot in reviews for movies that are even the least bit conceptually and aesthetically challenging, but with Paprika--a movie that so seamlessly shifts and hops between various frames of consciousness colorfully and in such a surprising fashion which really doesn't feel beholden to status quo storytelling--cerebral is the word I keep coming back to. A stylish and intriguing mind-bender in concept, design, and execution. Deeper analysis will have to come with a well-deserved rewatch; this time was just about soaking it in.

And that's my last review for Anime Marches On 2019! Another (mostly) fine bunch of Japanese animated films I'm glad I finally got to see, including a few viewings that put me closer to watching all those mentioned in that kick-ass trailer that was at the beginning of my old VHS copy of Akira. Rock!

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