Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

Spider-Man: Far From Home is, once again, another excellent entry to the MCU canon, that continues their fresh and unique take on everybody's favorite wall-crawler.

First off, the thing that maybe surprised me the most, was the action sequences. One of my few gripes with Homecoming is that the action sequences aren't particularly memorable or exciting, but with this film it is the complete opposite. Jon Watts' handling of the action sequences this time around is soooo much better. They are exciting and innovative, especially the terrific Mysterio illusion sequences, that made my jaw drop in the theater. Speaking of Mysterio, he continues the MCU's winning streak when it comes to Spider-Man villians, as he is a charismatic, frightening, and at times sympathetic villain, much like Vulture was (although not quite as good). While the character is definitely well-written, it is Jake Gyllenhaal's performance that truly makes Mysterio great. Even during a pivotal scene in the film, which is basically a huge exposition dump, I can't really fault the film because Gyllenhaal's delivery of said exposition is so charismatic and energetic, and it is just a joy to watch him on the screen, clearly relishing every moment of it.

Obviously Tom Holland is once again great as the titular character. I think at this point most people would agree that he is the best Spider-Man that we've seen on screen thus far. And his chemistry with Zendaya's M.J. is wonderful and their quirky and awkward romance is so well done. Speaking of quirky and akward, the humor here is great. There is an abundance of jokes, which may not work for some people, but I found this film to be hilarious and I'd say that most of the jokes land. What I love about the humor in both this and Homecoming is that it is very different from the usual quips and sarcasm that is prevalent in the other MCU films. While there is certainly some of that, it relies more on very strange and akward interactions between characters. And this film perfectly displays the awkwardness of adolescence. I know I keep using the word awkward, but that really is the only word to describe it.

As for flaws, while I didn't have many, this film certainly has some issues. The first 30 minutes or so feel a bit clunky, and while I was certainly enjoying myself, the humor didn't always work and I felt like the film was taking too long to set up, and that nothing was really happening. Also, as I mentioned before, there is a lot of exposition in this film, particularly in the scene I mentioned above.

Overall, Spider-Man: Far From Home was another excellent entry into the MCU and a funny and exciting way to cap off the Infinity Saga. I think I may like Homecoming slightly more, but things like the action are certainly huge steps up from that film. And definitely, STAY FOR THE END CREDITS SCENES. I'd think everyone would know that by know but I still saw people leaving during the credits when I saw this yesterday, so apparently it still needs to be said. Those people did miss some really important things that have huge implications for the future of Spider-Man and the entire MCU.

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