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  • Pulse



    HoopTober 2020
    6 Countries - Japan: Pulse

    Guess you could say I saved the best for last. I completely forgot how dreadful and atmospheric this film was. With the the first half hour it grabs you and brings you into a technological ghostly hell, infused with Japanese horror. It’s a slow burn, but thanks to some very clever editing and eerie music score, there’s many moments where the film gets under your skin and downright haunts you. While it may test your…

  • Demons



    HoopTober 2020
    1 Film with a movie theater in it

    Subtlety isn’t one of this films strong suit and that may have been one of the reasons why I couldn’t get into it. It had a really great opening and I like the setting, but it seemed to go for more shock value than anything. Anytime there wasn’t any action on screen you’re left following the characters and they’re pretty bland to say the least. Not to mention this theater…

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  • Zodiac



    The Directors Series-Part I: The David Fincher Retrospective
    "I'm not the 'Zodiac'. Even if I was, I certainly wouldn't tell you."

    I once knew someone who said this film was boring. I don't talk to that person anymore. This is the first time I have seen this film in about four years and It has held up quite well, in fact better. My rating for this got bumped up pretty as well.

    David Fincher's Zodiac tells the story about one…

  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    "I'm so sick of being picked apart by women."
    This review reportedly contains spoilers.

    Prior to seeing this film, almost two to three months in advance, I was preparing myself for the film by reading the novel by Gillian Flynn, who also happens to be the screenwriter. I rarely do this, and if I do, I usually do it after the film adaption has come out. Anyways, I wasn't a fan of the novel, I didn't really find it entirely…