Hell Spawn

“Isn’t this a little elaborate for sloppy joes?”

I like movies. Bad ones and good ones. 

Favorite films

  • The Descent
  • Jaws
  • The Omen
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Recent activity

  • 4 Horsemen: Apocalypse


  • The Devil's Tail


  • The Sadness


  • Feast


Recent reviews

  • 4 Horsemen: Apocalypse

    4 Horsemen: Apocalypse


    An apocalyptic movie about the earth ending.
    A team has 12 hours to find away to save everyone. 

    Not a good movie, bad cast and story

  • The Devil's Tail

    The Devil's Tail


    Several horror  stories brought together by a nurse working a shift at a cursed hospital.
    I enjoyed a couple of the stories, but the movie is lacking. The movie misses being coherent and jumps around to much. 
    But I would say it’s worth a watch as long as you can get past the lesser stories.

Popular reviews

  • The Fog

    The Fog


    Creepy and nightmarish. So of course I loved it. 
    Make sure you see the original not that awful remake.

  • Overlord



    A thriller, horror
    WW2 movie where evil Nazis are trying to create zombie like soldiers to defeat their enemies.
    It’s a fun, and action filled. Not a deep movie, the kind you watch on a night with friends just for laughs.