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  • Joy Ride 3


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  • Joy Ride 3

    Joy Ride 3


    These kids are duuuumb

    Why they gotta make the one person talking sense come off like a nagging shrew, I hate that trope

    All these movies could be avoided by not being an asshole. It's the fuck around and find out subgenre

    I miss Ted Levine's Rusty Nail.... Now he just sounds like some guy.

    How does a truck sneak off?

    1/2 star for good gore effects

  • Therapy



    When you're framing device wants to be Se7en but it's giving the detective bits of Saw

    What is it about this wave of French horror and hospital-like settings

    I'm still a sucker for a found footage tho

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  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage



    Nothing confuses me more than the Venom movies.... I feel like I should probably hate them... they are so clumsy. I mean what is this movie actually going for? is it a superhero movie? Is it a love story? Is it grim and gritty? Is it slapstick? Is the dialogue supposed to be written for kids?

    I really don't know.... But I think I enjoyed both of these movies and I love this version of Venom.

    So much goop stabbing other goop.

  • Prey



    This was good clean fun.