Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga ★★½

(( Spoilers — Sort of ))

Okay. Well, the most unrealistic part of this whole movie is the fact that Rachel McAdams (( one of the greatest actresses working currently )) actually kissed Will Ferrell for more than 5 seconds in this. I’m not saying he’s a bad actor — I refuse to do-so anyways considering I enjoy/actually laugh at a few of his films. So yeah... a lot of shit happens because of convenient moments, and they tried to do a somewhat “joke” about sexual assault I think — even though it failed miserably. Which means this is basically a very mediocre comedic musical that falls flat due to the writing, and some half-assed jokes throughout that just don’t land right with me for the most part...

One Star For — The Absolute Bops Throughout (( JaJa Ding Dong ))
Another Star For — Dan Stevens, and Rachel- McAdams. 
Finally, The Last Half-Star Goes To — Every Scene Involving Elves.

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