Logan ★★★★★

Goddamnit Mangold, you made me cry. Man, I do not like crying while watching films, but I just had to let it out with this one.

This film is like the birth-child of Gran Torino and Mad Max: Fury Road in all honesty. Logan’s personality definitely resembles Clint Eastwood as his character of Walt Kowalski considering that each have very resembling storylines and are characterized in a lot of similar ways such as how each are grumpy-old-men who don’t stand for any bullshit throughout their journeys of helping a younger person in a shitty world. Then, you’ve got the Mad Max aspect of the film which resembles that in that each of these films contain some absolutely brutal moments and manage to maintain the audiences attention throughout the whole story with that heart-pumping action and all three of these films hold some very captivating performances that are absolutely brilliant in every way possible.

Let’s go :: This does not feel like a comic-book movie whatsoever, it feels more like the perfect send off for who is basically the near-perfect hero. I say that because Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is a very unstable person in this film and that’s really not a bad thing for something like this. Logan is truly something special within the industry of action films in general, but there’s another side to the story, and that is the absolute tragedy of this film. I don’t want to go into extreme amounts of depth for I don’t have the energy to do so as I let it all out while watching this masterpiece. It’s hard to describe something of this level within filmmaking, because it is incredibly high up there for me, like Top-5-to-15 worthy. That’s all from me about this fantastic film and I just want to thank Logan and James Mangold for even happening because this absolutely paid off in basically every way possible...

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