The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

Go fuck yourself pretty boy.
—Y’all know who said that. (( For those who don’t know — Wolverine ))

Damn, I haven’t seen this in about 7-or-so years, I didn’t realize it’s been that long. I really went into this today not knowing much about what to expect of this 2-Hour Japanese/American action film. Was I disappointed? Absolutely... not, my god this was so much fun! It managed to keep me engaged for the whole runtime AND the storyline is actually quite unique in terms of a superhero movie I’d say. Logan’s arc in this is so well-made for the most part and he works incredibly well with his co-stars if I do say so myself. Now, it’s kind of hard to ignore a couple of the flaws in this, and they include :: 1). Forgettable antagonists, and 2). Some of the characters in this are killed off and like, hardly ever talked about again like they were just some pieces of meat. Ross-Emery’s cinematography is fantastic in this, and the visuals here are stunning in nearly every shot of the film. This is such a damn-good movie and James Mangold’s direction is on-spot (( for most of it, because it definitely has some flaws )). That bullet-train sequence was such a badass moment, and I really wish we could get more scenes like that in the future of action films in general, except the CGI could be a bit better I will say. Overall, this is such a fantastic film that doesn’t get the representation that it deserves now a-days honestly considering how many other modern superhero movies are being released each year, so yeah, that’s my opinion on this fantastic Wolverine film!..