Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984

I liked how silly and sincere this was! And how simple, for a comic book movie. Obviously there’s plenty of campy escalation - but the core premises are pretty straightforward. That in itself felt retro.

For example: After years of Infinity Stones, I was more than fine with a no-fuss magic rock. The monkey’s paw plot that follows... what a tried and true complication! Barbara & Diana, friends to rivals? Love that classic tune!

The second most retro thing about WW84 is Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. Her performance is FULLY in conversation w/ Michelle’s Catwoman, which... god, yeah... I’d do the same if I ever had to play a comic book supervillain.

All that being said... I’m also looking forward to reading all the Middle Eastern / North African studies papers on “Gal Gadot in Egypt” when they hit JSTOR in 2-3 years time. (The hot takes in the meantime are bound to be more variable, but... sure, those too).

De-aged-Pedro-Pascal-as-Donald-Trump looked like Paul Dano in that one flashback, and ALSO Pedro’s final scene with his son made me mist up. Remarkable how the second part of that sentence can follow the first, but hey, that kind of encapsulates WW84’s chaotic charm!

Gal slayed in all those Max Mara-ish coats, and once again nailed Diana’s essential goodness. Chris-as-Steve deserved some prime 80s Armani, but oh well. Natasha Rothwell wasted.

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