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  • Forever's Gonna Start Tonight

    Forever's Gonna Start Tonight


    Having now watched Hittman's two shorts and two features (only missing her feature debut), I can confirm that she is far from a hack and is showing promise, but every damn film she does is just held back by the same freaking problem.

    Hittman seems to view the world, and thus her films and her characters by proxy, as a very binary one. Either you are an unsure inoccent teenager, or you are a dominating and gross older male.

  • Scenes from a Marriage

    Scenes from a Marriage


    Watched the TV version.

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  • Casino



    Martin Scorsese: Ranked

    I don't know anymore if my love for gangster/mob films is because I grew up on Scorsese, or I love Scorsese because I love gangster films.

    I think its the combination of them both.
    Casino is often regarded as too similar to "GoodFellas" , which is the equivalent of saying Star Wars is too similar to The Hidden Fortress.

    I love GoodFellas. It is a masterpiece that has Scorsese at top form written all over it.

  • Ran



    I find it the hardest to rate the 5 star films, especially when they are epics.

    It is much easier to rate films like Raging Bull simply because while there are a lot to praise, mostly the praise falls on the director, camera and acting.

    In films like Once Upon a Time in America and now Ran, the film has so much, especially when they are 2 1/2 hours or longer.

    Its a little funy that while so many of…