20 Feet from Stardom ★★★½

20 Feet from Stardom is largely dependant on the viewers preference of music.

Overall, the documentary is not amazing. It gets it point across, and its hopeful tone was probably the reason why it won the Oscar for best documentary.

But the music it focuses on is simply a personal favoritte of mine.
Rolling Stones, Sting, and many more are artists I really enjoy listening to.

20 Feet from Stardom focuses on many background singers, those great voices you hear in many famous songs, like the terrific back up singer in the Stones's Gimme Shelter.

Highlighting their contribution to music, and trying to show their trials in becoming a solo artists, their failuires and overall career as back up singers.

Again, it is not something new. It is again a documentary about show-business showing the artists that are pushed to the side, never being able to cross the line to greateness.

Yet its hopeful and touching tone elevates it a little, and again, the music is simply great.

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