Fever Pitch ★★★

The love for football (soccer) and sports overall is a hard thing to explain. Why do we care so much about a team that kicks or throws a ball around so much?
Especially when we know there is always next season to win the league?

And while I can't really explain why football matters so much to me, neither can Colin Firth.

There is a brilliant scene, in which Paul Ashworth (Firth) and his dad go to Paul's first football match. Paul seems uninterested, and tells his dad he does not even like football. Then they enter the stadium, and in a great shot, the camera goes up to show all the fans and the pitch below.
A minute later, Paul asks his dad when is the next game.
That is what is great about football. It nothing that can be explained in words.

Add to that a great romance and some British humor, and that is what Fever Pitch. It makes the romance interesting, and balances both the love and the love for football perfectly.

A shame though that Arsenal is Paul's favorite team though...