Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall ★★★

Comedies are often a tough thing to get right for me, yes Jason Segel is able to do so.
There is something about his chubby and nice guy persona that simply works. Weather it is his work on HIMYM or some of the comedies he writes and acts, he is usually the best thing about it.

While Forgetting Sarah Marshall is far from a great comedy, it manages to be both funny, honest and interesting.
While far from a life changing themes about love, Segel manages to speak his mind about what he sees and cares for in love and a relationship, while maintaining a good comedy tone around it.

Segel not only wrote a good comedic script that works rather well, but the way he delivers the lines with his face and body completely sell the jokes.
Segel has always managed to make me laugh, and he does it again here.

The story is rather obvious and predictable, as most rom-coms are, yet mostly because how great the chemistry between Segel and his co-stars works so well, the film manages to work rather well.