La Jetée

La Jetée ★★★★½

In only 28 minutes, in black and white, with only pictues and a two seconds framed video, with only a voice-over, in French, La Jetee is one of the best shorts I have ever seen. Also one of the best sci-fi films I have seen.

The film is about time travel and a man's journey into the past and future to save the present.

I found the though of going to our best memories and keeping them with us during the bad time a really cool idea, combined with the time travel make this an awesome short film.

The film is composed entirely of pictures. Only for two seconds a woman moves in bed. This makes the scene rather flow in our head as the narrator explain what is going on, while we use our memories and imagination to fill in the blanks. I found this technique awesome and really complementing the structure of the film.

I found the film to be about the way our memories are used to remind us of better times during the bad times was.
And especially the time travel always goes around in circles.

Besides 12 Monkeys, which is a direct adaptation of the short, I also found a lot of sci-fi films to have taken plot points from this film, like Source Code.

Highly recommended

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