Rope ★★★★½

Film No. 20 of: CineMania I- The December Challenge
The Unseen Films by Great Directors Project- 3rd Round

Let me start by counting a few elements I love in film:
Long takes
One setting films
films in real time
Crime and Punishment, murder and its reasons

So its like Hitchcock made this film for me.
It is all set in one apartment, it is a thriller, it was shot with long takes, mostly 10 minutes each take, it is in real time, and the film concerns the perfect crime.

So you can see why I loved this film.

It is a work by a genius.
The long takes, which means all characters keep on whatever they were doing, even when the camera is not on them.
It adds to the sense of real time of the dinner.

I also loved the philosophy and ideaology of the perfect crime.
The reason the two men murder their friend is terrific.
They try to commit the perfect crime, and even add to their difficulty of keeping the murder a secret, by inviting the dead man's parents and close friends, and seving the dinner on top of the chest in which his body is in.

The film, even when set in its confinment of the apartment, manages to be thrilling as Hitch's usual.
It is a showcase for his skill as a terrific director, that even in confinements like this, with the long takes he manages to create a hell of a film.

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