Rumble Fish

Rumble Fish ★★★★

Rumble Fish and The Outsiders together create what could perhaps be a perfect unison.
Each film has a lot of flaws and a lot of positives, and together they create two wonderfully different visions of teen angst and rebellion.

I love The Outsiders. While it is a little dated in today's standards, ever since I read the novel by S.E Hinton I loved it.
The film, while lacking a little in direction, has a terrific story and a heart so big.

Which is why Rumble Fish provides such a great companion to The Outsiders. Again adapted by Coppola from an S.E Hinton novel, this time co-writing the script with her, Rumble Fish is perhaps one of the most wonderful experiments in cinematic history.

Just the opposite of The Outsiders, Rumble Fish is incredibly shot and directed, but it is the characters and story that I found lacking.

As a huge lover of any thing expressionist' noir and French New Wave, the amazing cinematography, filmed in beautiful black and white to showcase The Motorcycle Boy's (Mickey Rourke) color blindness, is simply amazing.

Shadows, fog, everything I love in film noir is shot here.
But Coppola takes this wonderful cinematic style and puts it into a coming of age story, which creates an experience like no other.
It is not suprising to see Coppola to be the experimenting one.

I do have trouble with the story though, as unlike The Outsiders, the story is more a loose journey of Rusty James (Matt Dillon) and Motorcycle Boy and their fear of the future and where their lives are headed.
While far from bad, it is perhaps dissapointed me a little because I expected to love the story like I loved The Outsiders.

Yet, Rumble Fish is still a terrific film, and while I wish there would be a combination of both film's postivies to create one amazing film, I still love both of these adaptations.

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