The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★

I feel a little sad now for wanting this film to tank really hard.
This is not such a bad film, nither is it offensive or another Transformers films.
The reason I wanted this film to fail was simply to make Johnny Depp give up his whole "weird character with a lot of make up" movie roles.

Anyway, The Lone Ranger's two best scenes are the beginning and the ending train scenes.
This work extremely well, not because they are indeed great scenes.
Because the film starts great, and ends great. Which might make an average viewer's opinion of the film change.
Simply because you walk off the film remembering a great beginning and ending.

Which proves what is Lone Ranger's biggest fault.
The ending part is way too long and not really interesting.

There are some nice comedic touches, and the middle part is not horrible as a lot of critics wanted everyone to think.
But its forgettable. I honestly don't really remember much of this part.

One part the film was criticized for was its exteremley large budget.
Aside from the pretty bad and obvious CGI, you can see where the budget went.
Costume design, the great looking sets and the train scenes probably took a lot of the budget.
The film is also pretty good looking. There are some great looking scenes in the film. But I guess this being a western, this is nothing new.

But like the middle part, the performances are bland.
Depp and Bonham Carter are type cast again, and by now they are annoying in simply re-doing the same roles.

Arnie Hammer for me does not work as a likeable character.
He needs to play ass-holes like his role in The Social Network.
He simply does not work as a cool and charming dude.

I can't say I had a horrible time watching The Lone Ranger.
But the film was indeed too long, especially since the middle part is pretty forgettable and bland.

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