The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★

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From the very first second, you know you are watching a Scorsese film.

I do have to admit that the next sentence I write might seem weird to a lot.
But the most enjoying film by Scorsese from this decade until now has been Hugo. (I had really forgotten the Departed, which is due a rewatch)

It is not to blame Scorsese. Its just that I found all his films this decade a little lacking, especially compared to his earlier films.

This might seem a little strange, but for a director who's masterpieces include Goodfellas, The King of Comedy and my favorite film ever Taxi Driver, his 2000's track record has been a little lacking.

Thats not to say the films were bad, but I just found The Aviator, Gangs of New York and Shutter Island not up there with his best.

Until now.
From the very first second we know we are back in Scorsese's territory.

The wolf of Wall Street feels like a modern, more higher society version of Goodfellas.

Everything, from the voice-over, the freeze frames, the editing, the themes, the story and characters. Everything feel very much the same.

And if you say a film feels very similar to Goodfellas, both in style and quality, you should be proud.

In fact I found the story of Wolf to be very close to Goodfellas.

Both have a charismatic lead, who goes up in the ranking of the life he always wanted. Both show the quest for money.
Both have the lead go through the same road and end up with a very similar if a little different fate.

I do have to say that Wolf does not get up to Goodfellas' quality. But so few films can.

But it is a wild ride.
In three hours, we see the most depraved and crazy hedonistic life style.

Scorsese directs the hell out of this film.
Leo, along with Jonah Hill give terrific performances.

The only thing I did not really enjoy in this 3 hour crazy ride, the only thing from being a 5 star masterpiece was some little bumps in the road. This should be expected in a three hour long film.
I found the scene of Leo getting his face melted, his "cerebral plasy" stage carried a little too long.

Besides that part, this film manages to be both fascinating, funny, smart and extremely amazing.

I know I am a little biased, but I just love watching a Scorsese film.

Also I give props to McConaughey. His very short scene stealing performance in the beginning was simply terrific. While I found him only really good in Mud, (I have yet to see Killer Joe) he was terrific here.

The Wolf of Wall Street brings back Scorsese's old awesome style to his usual story about amoral yet likeable money and drug obsessed characters. Along with terrific and perhaps best career performances by Leo and Hill, Wolf brings everyone's A game to this three hour crazy and amazing depraved ride.

P.S, I have to say that anyone that says this is a repeat of itself and is simply a one not fan letter to the Wall Street guys was really missing something.
I saw clearly that by showing us their behavior and lifestyle, Scorsese in a way makes us want to be those Wall Street boys, yet also get disgusted by them. Also this film is so far from one note.
3 hours in a theater, and I never cared how much time passed by.

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