2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

As a devoted fan of film it is with great shame that I admit to never actually seeing Stanley Kubrick's most audacious film, 2001:A Space Odyssey. Over the years I've caught bits and pieces on television but never the whole thing. I had planned on watching it earlier in the year when Lise and Jonathan suggested we revisit the film for HAL's birthday. Plans however that went awry.
I'll start by asking a simple question, what was this about. The snippets I had seen over the years had left me perplexed and a little confused so I'd hoped watching this on Blu-ray from the very start may shine some light on my ignorance. Alas I'm as dumbfounded as I was before. The experience is something I'll never forget, but not understanding just what's going on takes a little of the shine off things. It is a monumental achievement and to think this was made back in 1968 is quite extraordinary. The visuals on show have been stolen for hundreds of other science fiction films and space adventures and you can certainly see the influence Kubrick had on a film world desperate to boldly go further into space. The space sequences especially are utterly remarkable and everything looks just so realistic it's frightening. The colors, the music, the atmospheric tension created by both the Monolith and our favorite psychotic computer all ramp up the expectation levels to a big pay-off. That however is where this lost me. I got the gist. No forget that I didn't, but I enjoyed the ride and seeing this for the first time is something I'll remember for a long long time, but it's time to hit the books and fathom out just what our Stanley was trying to tell us.

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