About Last Night...

About Last Night... ★★★

How many Brat Packers does it take for a film to be considered a Brat Pack film? Two of the vainest in the shape of Demi Moore and Rob Lowe are the couple whose early twenties lifestyle gets rearranged after a one night stand leads to a relationship not everyone supports.
Edward Zwick's first movie as director somehow managed to get the full four stars from Roger Ebert, but forgive me for thinking that the world's greatest film critic may have got it slightly wrong. Don't get me wrong this is a perfectly decent little romantic drama that does have an air of authenticity about it rather than those eighties cliches. Their relationship obviously grows from their sexual encounter but it's done well without the need for soppy sentiment. An actual adult relationship, seemingly a first for the two, suffers from the usual friction. Everyone has had those discussions about Tampax wrappers missing the bin or loo and nobody ever likes their girlfriend's friends, unless they want to sleep with them. We get the falling in love, falling out of love and then realizing they were still in love all along scenario. We get tears, we get heartache, we get some dreadful romantic ballads from the likes of Sheena Easton, but don't let that put you off. Moore looks good, Lowe is handsome and appealing and with James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins in support roles, this is fresh even all these years later. The less said about the soundtrack though, the better.

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