Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

Richard Linklater's stunning dissection of modern relationships was my favorite film from 2013. It gave me another court-side seat at one of the most refreshingly honest,dialogue driven, most enchanting partnerships cinema has ever seen. To think there are still so many people who've never experienced this trilogy of films is quite staggering, but to be fair it was only through word of mouth that I discovered the first two films a few years ago myself.
Some things change, some things stay the same. Another nine years have passed, but the warm and engaging couple on screen continue to captivate albeit with the burdens faced by every couple leading a normal life. This is what makes this film so absorbing, it's about real life, real people,real emotions, real relationship issues. I've had these types of conversations with my wife, no we don't have kids but we do have a very demanding dog.
Both Delpy and Hawke continue to convince as Celine and Jesse, and the dialogue is admirably sharp and funny, just as we've come to expect. The films structure however is so natural and fluid, that coupled with its honest approach and perspective on love and commitment just sucks you in completely. Still an emotional roller-coaster, it's one I can't help but ride.

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