Cloverfield ★★★★

I'd avoided this film for nearly eight years on the presumption that it was just another of these found-footage films that have never really done it for me. Stubbornly I had ignored the decent reviews and had annexed this from watchlist after watchlist. Well I'm big enough to admit when I've made a mistake, and this was one of them.
Cloverfield still features that shaky-cam bollocks than can be so annoying, but this is actually a pretty gripping sci-fi with imagination. Set in New York during a farewell party, things go tits up when what appears to be an earthquake hits the City. Of course it isn't a quake, and it becomes a fight for survival as an alien creature wreaks havoc. Initially the tension and paranoia is built up to fever pitch, and when we do get to see some real action it's very impressive. Matt Reeves does the right thing in using nobodies in the cast, (I never knew any of them) and he certainly made the most of that $25 million dollar budget, because this does look like a $100 million dollar movie. It does have shades of Godzilla, but it somehow manages to remain this side of ridiculous and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this.

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