Death Proof

Death Proof ★★★★★

Friday before a Bank Holiday and the wife makes her usual Tarantino choice for the weekend. Death Proof and Inglorious Basterds are her decision for the days ahead, so it was time to buckle up and enjoy Vanessa Ferlito's arse and a cold bottle of Bud.
Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof gets pilloried more than any of his other films. There is however a loyal and devoted Team Death Proof here on LB, and we show our love for this maligned B-movie classic which is a stylish tribute to 1970's exploitation films. As is normally the case, the dialogue takes precedent over the storyline and the action sequences, although they really are incredibly graphic here with the slow-motion shots of that first car crash utterly brilliant in setting the tone for our Icy Hot psycho killer. Kurt Russell will always be Snake Plissken to me, but Stuntman Mike runs him a close second, and his turn as the murderous stalker who has "death proofed" his car has a touch of the genius about it. Hot girls, hot tunes, hot cars, and dialogue as cool as a Virgin Pina Colada make this one of my favourite films of the noughties and still my top QT film of choice. When the wife gets it right, she really gets it right, and to top things off she never once gives me shit for leering over Butterfly or the sensational actresses in the second half of the film, now that's a woman I'm proud to call my wife.

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