Den of Thieves ★★★

I've felt a little sorry for poor old Gerard Butler this week after seeing those photographs of his burnt-out home in Malibu that was consumed by the Camp Fire raging in California. It didn't make me forgive him for Gods Of Egypt, but it somehow managed to make this heist film more palatable than I thought it might be given the acting colossus' starring alongside him.
Cops versus robbers films will always have Heat to try to live up, and none of them ever do. We've seen some decent recent attempts, I liked Triple 9 for example, and this film follows all the right steps in trying to go for something similar. There's a lot of muscle on show here, I can't remember a film with so many huge biceps and tattoos, or shootouts, but for all the intricate plot twists and inventiveness, this is never quite as clever as it thinks it is. Butler and the outstanding Pablo Schreiber are decent protagonists here, and the supporting cast aside from Curtis Jackson all play their part in making this much more engaging that it should have been. One thing I will say though, for all the specialist military training all these characters have had, they sure wasted a shedload of bullets throughout the action sequences. That's where the film shone for me, the dialogue wasn't the main attraction, although again it wasn't quite as dire as I'd imagined. There was obviously a sizeable budget spent, and it looked like it was spent well, but like every other review has said already, this isn't Heat. Apparently there's a sequel on it's way, and again I think I'll wait for it on Netflix.

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