Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

Quentin Tarantino likes blood. This has plenty of blood, bucketloads of blood. He also knows a good actor when he sees one and here he let two of the finest around lock horns to devastating effect. No before you ask I wasn't referring to Jamie Foxx.
Westerns have been fairly forgotten about in recent years. There's been the odd cracker, but they're a genre that is considered a risk due to a usually testosterone heavy aesthetic. That may well change following Tarantino turning the genre on its head with this quite stunning piece of cinema. It has the usual sharply written script, protagonists that you'll love and hate, and actors on top form delivering possibly performances of their careers. Christoph Waltz is something rather special. He has a knack of making this look almost effortless. The little mannerisms he displays from playing with his hair or strumming his mustache show a man with utter confidence in everything he's doing. In any other film Leonardo DiCaprio would have been taking all the acting plaudits. Waltz though shows him how its done and you can see DiCaprio feed off Waltz's wonder show. It's some of the best interaction I've seen in a film for a long time, thanks mainly to Tarantino's fine writing. Sorry Jamie, but you were average at best. That's harsh I know, but he wasn't at the races here, even with the likes of Don Johnson and "Luke Duke" in the supporting cast.
Much has been said of the language used. Was it offensive? Yes in my opinion it was, and always will be. The question though is whether it suited the aesthetic of the film, and it did. Historical films often tread a fine line when faced with the PC brigade of nowadays. This was how they spoke back then. They were uneducated and racist. A story about a slave or slavery was always going to have some unsavory moments as it was probably the most despicable crime men have ever committed against one another. Tarantino's had previous for the use of certain words, he just seems to write things that way. Right or wrong, it's always controversial.
Back to the blood. This has all of Tarantino's films beaten hands down for bloodshed. That includes Kill Bill. If you like it, you'll love this. Violence has rarely looked so cool and revenge has rarely tasted so sweet, this has lost nothing on a rewatch.

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