Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★½

There's a time when you have to try something new, and with me that usually takes a long, long time. Whether it be animated films, streaming, anime, or manga, I've struggled to embrace or even venture into any of these facets of film. Over 4000 diary entries that includes only a handful of animated films, less than a dozen films that I've streamed, and no anime or manga films among them. Ghost in the Shell is my first encounter with a Japanese anime/manga film, and although an intriguing and interesting voyage of discovery, I'm not entirely sure I understood everything I saw on screen. Visually it's impressive, conceptually ahead of its time, but again confusing as fuck for this newbie. A film I'll endeavour to watch again to fully explore the how's and the why's of the storyline, I'll conclude that maybe this might just be something I'd like to dip my toe into a bit further.

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