Johnny English ★★★

Rowan Atkinson has always been a comic genius. From "Not The Nine O'Clock News" to "Blackadder" to "Mr Bean", he is British comic aristocracy.
Stick him in movies however and his batting average takes a bit of a dip. This romp based around an incompetent secret agent and a silly plot to overthrow the Queen, this is as close as you get to a Bond parody. Atkinson does his best alongside the gorgeous Natalie Imbruglia to bring down the evil John Malkovich and his henchmen. Malkovich's ridiculous accent aside this is a lot of fun and as far as spoof movies go this is one of the better ones. Imbruglia proved to be a half-decent foil for Atkinson's stupidity and with fellow comic Ben Miller offering good support, it works more often than not.