Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Having watched Peter Jackson's King Kong in all its bum-numbing glory, I wasn't exactly hyped to see what director Jordan Vogt-Roberts' new incarnation of the King Kong legend was going to be like. Lukewarm reviews since its release hadn't elevated this to the top of my watchlist, but having acquired the Blu-Ray with money given to me for my birthday, it felt appropriate to offer Sam, Tom, Brie, and the big monkey the chance to entertain.
Kong: Skull Island comes in at a very refreshing 118 minutes and doesn't waste too much time with a big build-up before getting straight into the action. Make no bones about it, this is a popcorn movie pure and simple, but it is done with a touch of style. The 1973 setting puts a new spin on the tale, and the addition of the army guys, the choppers, and the mixture of other crazy elements thrown into the mix make for a rip-roaring adventure film that rarely stops to catch it's breath. The hundred foot Kong is an impressive sight, he doesn't have quite the array of facial expressions that Jackson obtained via Andy Serkis, but he's still a memorable protagonist in this creature feature. Samuel L Jackson and Hiddleston may have been the big names here, but again John C Reilly threatens to steal the show with a show of acting dexterity which sees him flit between nutter and hero effortlessly. It's a good origin story, that offers an ecosystem full of great visuals and the potential for an expansive film featuring more than just a big monkey. It may have caught some flak, but this is a decent popcorn film that fills the brief for what it was advertised as.

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