Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! ★★½

Now I know that I'm not exactly the demographic that this sort of movie is aimed at, but I do try to expand my horizons with different genres and have been pleasantly surprised lately.
Baz Luhrmann is a colorful character, and so are his films. This was a technicolor extravaganza that at times had a little too much going on. What it did have however were two main stars that had the balls to go for it with singing roles. Nicole Kidman has never been a favorite of mine. She's got a pointy nose. She also has a terrible habit of overacting, but with that being the style of this production, she fitted right in. Ewan McGregor is the object of Nicole's love in a "romantic pastiche-jukebox musical", whatever the fuck that is. This did have some spectacular scenes and set pieces but it was just all a bit much for me. If it had been sugar, I'd have been sick. It also looks so bright and colorful it's like it's been dipped in day-glo. A tired story that features prostitutes, Dukes, dwarfs and Ewan McGregor murdering Elton John songs, there's also nods to The Beatles and Nirvana in a really eclectic mix of styles and genres. I actually like musicals but Luhrmann has always annoyed me, I fucking hated Australia, a film in which he made "Wolverine" look like a woofter. Ah that had Kidman as well, the plot thickens, which would have helped this one that's for sure. Special mention though should go to Jim Broadbent who I thought was the best thing in this and John Leguizamo who must have longed for the days of Benny Blanco from The Bronx.