Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs ★★★★½

Most film fans who've seen Reservoir Dogs will know plenty about the careers of Madsen, Keitel, Roth, Buscemi, Penn, and even Lawrence Tierney, but just how much does anyone know about Mr. Blue, Eddie Bunker?

I'm not entirely sure if it's still the case, but Eddie Bunker was the youngest inmate of San Quentin when he was incarcerated there in 1951, you see Bunker wasn't always an actor? Over the course of his life Bunker spent a total of 18 years in jail, that's probably more than he'd have gotten for the diamond robbery depicted in Quentin's debut film as director. In and out of prison over the years, Bunker also found time to pen a few crime novels, so his prison experiences served him well, but just looking at Bunker's face you could tell he'd lived a life. I'm not sure how many lines Bunker had in Reservoir Dogs, but when he utters, "how many dicks was that?", it still makes me giggle. The fact that Michael Mann used Bunker as an inspiration for the Jon Voight character in Heat should also tell you that Bunker was a more famous criminal and crime writer than he was an actor. Dead at 71 years of age back in 2005, for film fans at least, this will still be what Bunker is remembered for in years to come. In Quizzes Mr. Blue is always the one that stumps most non-film fans, but us LB'ers know who Bunker was and appreciate his views on Like A Virgin as much as Mr. Tarantino himself.

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