Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★

Edgar Wright gives us a movie that according to my wife is "too cool for me" as a 43 year old man. A fantasy adventure that bristles with attitude and has a cracking young cast that includes Michael Cera, Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, and the excellent Jason Schwartzman, this was real fun. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the object of the young Scott Pilgrim's affection when he is instantly smitten by her quirkiness, but unaware of his impending date with destiny.

As things progress with his new girl Scott is stunned to discover that he must defeat her seven evil exes for her love. Duelling with a variety of evil exes, from a skateboarding actor to a lesbian young Stevie Nicks lookalike, Scott battles in a series of comical but deadly encounters. From fist-fights to a battle of the bands with a pair of Japanese techno geeks, this has everything. With points scored like a video arcade game, this has a surreal hypnotic vibe about it that comes across as very funny and quirky. Does he succeed in getting the girl? Well?

Michael Cera puts down a marker as the "king of the geeks" in this inventive and heart-warming comedy that had a distinct comic book feel. Unaware that it had been based on a graphic novel I went into this knowing nothing of the story and really enjoyed it. Winstead is understated and endearing as the cool-girl everybody wants (including me) in a dreamlike movie that is utterly original. Wright has the right amount of laughs and action to make this a real gem of a film that unfortunately underperformed at the box-office, apparently killing off hopes of a sequel. Quirky, sentimental, romantic ,and ultimately a geeky cult classic, this film is fucking awesome.

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