Shutter Island

Shutter Island ★★★★

Shutter Island would struggle to make it into a Martin Scorsese top five. That's not to say it's a bad film, he's just done much much better in a career that has seen him be overlooked by an Academy that maybe thought the violence in his movies was too much. Ordinary People better than Raging Bull? Dances With Wolves better than Goodfellas? Fuck off. For many though Scorsese is the king of the crime film and when it comes to cranking up the tension or creating an atmospheric aesthetic full of dread, then look no further.
Scorsese's take on Dennis Lehane's novel is a psychological thriller that slowly pieces together a puzzle and then dissects it with a reality check to leave you dumbstruck. With more twists than a pretzel factory, this gives DiCaprio another chance to shine for Marty with a five star turn of delusional paranoia. Cleverly constructed, this conspiracy-laden plot needs concentration to follow, but the pay-off is worth it in the end.

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