Stir of Echoes ★★★½

David Koepp's Stir Of Echoes is a decent supernatural thriller that is anchored by Kevin Bacon's impressive performance as a man who starts to see visions of a missing girl, believed to be dead, after his sister-in-law hypnotizes him and plants a post-hypnotic suggestion to be more open minded. Something has been opened and he quickly finds himself tormented by strange occurrences as his young son also has a connection with the dead. As a thriller this works really well with Bacon slowly becoming obsessed with finding the answers to his nightmares but it has some nice scares as the suspense levels rise.
This was almost ignored at the box office, a shame as this is rather good. Arriving post The Sixth Sense, some thought it was a cash-in, but this does have elements of genuinely original ideas running throughout. Bacon does carry the load, but Kathryn Erbe as his wife also shines alongside Kevin Dunn as one of their neighbors. Cleverly constructed and attempting to keep the ghostly side of the story believable and not slide too far towards a gory climax, the mixture of whodunnit and supernatural work effectively.