Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Before Jonathan Demme became synonymous with "Silence Of The Lambs" he directed numerous music videos of distinction. This is one of the best.
Featuring Talking Heads at the height of their eighties heyday this is more than just a concert video. A band with almost an avant-garde style the concert begins with an empty stage and lead singer David Byrne arriving carrying a guitar and a tape deck. Proceeding to thrill us with the catchy " Psycho Killer" we are off. Joined slowly by the rest of the band and stage hands,they build the set and drum-kit around the performing members. Byrne gives off that crazy vibe of his (he was once sectioned into a mental hospital in his younger days) but with a bravado that is infectious. Hit after hit and stunning set and light show follow as the band rip through a glorious mixture of funky classics. A band with a definite style all of their own,everyone knows their place and plays their part to perfection. From the backing singers and performers to the intricate dance moves they perform in unison this is choreographed brilliantly.
Slippery People,Once In A Lifetime,Swamp,Burning Down The House are all relentlessly catchy but their rendition of Naive Melody with Byrne and co dancing around a lamp is ground-breakingly stunning. The lighting is the most intimate and effective part of the stage show and Byrne's performance with the huge suit is emphasized authentically with great effect.
Truly a bench mark for all concert videos this has lost none of it's sparkle over the last 30 years and remains a favourite. Classic.

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