Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Concert movies can be intimate affairs despite large arenas or the scale of a show. Talking Heads were at the height of their commercial peak when Stop Making Sense arrived to help promote the Heads' brilliant album Speaking In Tongues, and this is a concert movie like no other. Arguably as important a production as the album itself, this live show has a boundless energy that at times makes you stop to catch your own breath as David Byrne and company do the same. From the low-key beginning that sets the scene with simply the snake-hipped Scot arriving on stage with an acoustic guitar and a boom-box, the tunes come thick and fast as the rest of the band join him one by one, song by song. A band that skillfully manages to be both avant garde and curiously tapped into an eighties market place that was as eclectic as it was ludicrous, they had a knack of stretching themselves in different directions that always made them somehow current. Visually simple, but with an ingenuity that set a bench mark for everything that came afterwards, director Jonathan Demme captures a performance (three actually) and splices it into something truly wonderful. Featuring the Heads' at their very best, Naive Melody remains my personal favorite, who's idea was that lamp? That song also sees Tina Weymouth's personality come shining through with one quirky little facial expression after another. A concert film that gives me something new every single time I watch it, it's flawless and one of those times when five stars just isn't enough.

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