The Dark Knight ★★★★½

The rise in the quality of superhero movies arguably began when Christopher Nolan decided to take things to a new level with The Dark Knight, a film which garnered the most Academy Award Nominations for a comic-book adaptation and also rewrote the rulebook on how immersed in a character an actor could get. Heath Ledger, RIP, upstages Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, two-time Oscar winner Michael Caine and his septuagenarian pal Morgan Freeman with a performance people are still talking about ten years after his tragic death. It hasn't diminished in importance despite the MCU's dominance since, and although I'd state that Watchmen is my number one superhero flick, this still ranks high among those that have come along since. Ledger's turn however, it's almost haunting to watch, he had such talent to burn and in this he burned brighter than he ever did.

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