The Enforcer ★★★½

Clint Eastwood's most iconic and violent ever character, Detective Harry Callahan had had two highly successful run outs when "The Enforcer" came out in 1976. A slight dip in form for the rugged San Francisco cop who this time gets a new partner,shock of shocks...a broad.
Seventies crime films never came any more racist and misogynistic than the "Dirty Harry" flicks. As violent as a "Tarantino" film he literally threw out the PC brigade and did what he wanted. Shooting people for fun, abusing black people,treating all authority as assholes he was just the sort of policeman that the movies wanted to portray. Rebellious to the core, Callahan just wants to uphold the law anyway he can. Rules and regulations go out the window as he breaches perp's rights,shoots them and goes to get coffee. Simple as can be,he's a fascist nutter but you can't help but love him. Never exactly stretching Eastwood's acting talent, Callahan was probably closer to the real Eastwood than he'd care to admit and although he'd go on to make a couple more "Dirty Harry" films, they never really matched the first two.Attempting to spice things up, Callahan had already had a black partner and numerous other canon-fodder types to play against. Coupled this time with Mary Beth Lacey as his partner, I knew from the first second she'd cop it.
This sort of film would garner as many complaints as a "Tarantino" film if it were made now. The racism is all around. The violence, especially for the time was gratuitous and his whole attitude towards women was as misogynistic as Ron Jeremy. Clint was Clint, and with that trademark gun of his, the body-count was always going to be high. Decent but not a patch on "Dirty Harry" and "Magnum Force".

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