The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★½

My wife talks me into all sorts of films, and I've taken quite a few for the team over the years, mostly lame found-footage horror films or the like. When she suggested The Hunt, I must admit I didn't have a scooby what film she was talking about, but after a quick look on LB and that poster which helps sell it rather well in my humble opinion, I was onboard and I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this.

The Mrs. had seen this before, and she talked it up as reminding her slightly of one of her favourite guilty pleasures, Severance. So this one didn't have a spliffed-up Danny Dyer cracking gags and trying not to get his cock cut off in the backwoods of Hungary, it had something better, Betty Gilpin knocking seven shades of shit out of everyone that comes near her. The premise is a funny one, controversial too, but somehow I'd never heard any of the blowback the film got Stateside. Maybe as someone who isn't American I could see the irony in this film, especially casting Hilary Swank as one of the "Elites" hunting "Deplorables". Swank is the closest Hollywood has to trailer trash, but she has Two Oscars and likes a McDonald's burger, which was where she went following her first win. The idea of Rich Elites kidnapping what Hilary Clinton described as a "basket of deplorables" when talking about various Trump supporters, was a brave satirical move. Taking it to these extremes give it that edge, and this is very funny.

This film is bonkers with a capital B, it's satirical, it's funny, it's violent, and has plenty of shocks, especially when a character played by a well known actress meets a quick and messy ending. There's the usual mix of rednecks and Internet conspiracy theorists, some racists and gun-nuts, and they're being picked off with an assortment of guns, grenades, trip-wires, and high-powered arrows. It's brilliant, I laughed my arse off at this, and Gilpin's "Snowball", she was Steven Seagal, Rambo and The Bride all rolled into one. The script here was also sharp, with Amy Madigan and Reed Birney's Ma and Pop a hoot, and the dark humour provided by silly turns from Ethan Suplee and Wayne Duvall as the hapless Gary and Don were welcome additions to the craziness that unfolded. The ending? Well that was priceless, and it's a pity this didn't do better financially because I'd love to see a sequel to this with Gilpin starring again as Crystal.

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