The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

The hardest part when assessing The Social Network is trying to decide who delivered the most knockout blows. Was it David Fincher's direction or Aaron Sorkin's stunning screenplay, regardless this emerged as one of the finest movies of the decade and a defining account of the birth of social networking.
From that opening scene that sizzles with intensity between the underrated Eisenberg and Rooney Mara, it's clear what we are going to get here. Whip-smart dialogue, delivered by confident fresh young talent without an inkling of fear. It may depict the creation of a global phenomenon, but it also showed us all those two old demons that divide friendships, jealousy and greed. Fincher and Sorkin give us it all here, but credit must also go to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross who scored the film to perfection. Best Fincher? That's a personal choice for each and every viewer, but when you have a filmography like Fincher's, you can't really go wrong.

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