The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★½

As a huge fan of the franchise the first Wolverine Origins film was a little bit of a letdown. Matthew Vaughn however restored my enthusiasm for The X-Men with a great comeback film with First Class, a film I really admired. With another outing for the series's favorite character, it was a gamble and even though James Mangold for me has a decent track record even with all the so-so reviews, I still had high hopes for this one.
The first ten minutes or so of this had me excited. It had Wolverine living rough and being tormented by dreams of Jean Grey, the love he had been forced to kill. From there on however it all went steadily downhill. The events of 1945 aside this was one of those movies where the well of ideas had run dry. There was a dodgy romance that never worked, a brilliantly unusual looking hottie mutant with samurai skills who didn't get enough screen time and another evil baddie who wanted our Logan's powers. By the time they added the mutant Viper, who was Uma Thurman's character from Batman & Robin,( sorry but they copied her to a tee) I had lost interest completely bar a couple of nice action sequences. It had Jackman looking suitably buff and lots of ninjas and swordplay, but it lacked anything we have come to expect from an X-Men movie. The Wolverine character on his own has run his course and this film should certainly end this side of the franchise. His ability to contribute to the wider X-Men universe however remains undiminished but holding another film together without help seems futile judging by this one.

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