Welcome to Leith

Welcome to Leith ★★★★

Giving a documentary like this one four stars risks giving the nutters at the centre of the story publicity that they neither warrant or deserve. The filmmakers however do deserve credit for this insightful and disturbing doc that focuses on a white supremacist attempting to create his own white Utopia in a corner of North Dakota. This was another of those crowd-funded efforts that have delivered the odd piece of stunning filmmaking, and although it's rough around the edges it does try to offer more than simply the hateful ideology the perpetrator brought to the tiny town of Leith. Sometimes it's a fly-on-the-wall look at the conflict and the insanity of the whole prospect of what white supremacist Craig Cobb is trying to achieve, and the next it's about the intimidation and provocation that he instigates towards the townspeople. The one thing that did rile me a little about this one was the constant attempts to hide behind certain Amendments that protected Cobb's right to live wherever he wished and preach hatred, sometimes society protects those who seek to do it the most harm.

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