Nope ★★★★

Early on, I really loved the way Daniel Kaluuya wore his baseball cap. That was some great baseball-cap-wearing acting. Keke Palmer was great, too; she should star in every movie for about three years, then disappear for about ten years, then write a creepy memoir about joining a cult. There was some great set pieces, too: the first giant attack by the monster on the house, but especially, of course, the chimpanzee on the TV set. But the pacing here was off: too much backstory, Steve Yeun's character isn't really integrated at all, too many characters and too many threads (like: why the cinematographer character?), then right after the first major monster attack on the house, the whole movie slows way down just when it needs to be barreling up. I think I'd maybe give this a 68 out of 100.

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