Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★½

Had the pleasure of rewatching this for the first time since I saw it in theatres way back when. Very glad I did because I definately appreciated the dialogue a lot more this time through. There was like a 20 minute scene of just people in a room eating dinner and it was riveting.

I still think the best part of the movie is Christoph Waltz. That man is my favorite working actor in Hollywood today and i'm so glad Tarantino made full use of his talents in both this and Inglorious.

Also this is a really random thought but the blood squibs in this are probably my favorite way of doing them. They're very pronounced and colorful, but they never feel fake enough to break my inmersion (Like Kill Bill).

Really my only notable problem with the film is the cringy Tarantino cameo, but besides that, everything here is on point.

Overall this movie is just a really kickass fairy tale-esque story told in the slave-era south (just as Tarantino himself described Bastards as "a fairy tale in Nazi-Occupied France"). I'm also a sucker for stories about Bounty Hunters too, so that always helps in the "cool-ness" factor. That, and a slick burgandy cowboy outfit.

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