Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

Operation Tino! 

I must have a weirdly clouded memory of this 
film because upon this rewatch, I think it’s one of my absolute favourites (as of right now)! 

Everything about this film just clicks. The soundtrack is probably one of the best in Tarantino’s filmography, with it’s use of classical, country and hip-hop utilised to great effect. 

All of the cast are on top form, with a script that’s firing on all cylinders, whether it’s the dialogue that’s surprisingly funny, or in telling us all we need to know about characters in one line. Honestly, I forgot how amazing Christoph Waltz is in this film, and I think it’s a testament to his skill as an actor that I think this might be a better performance than Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds? I don’t know, but it’s close! 

Speaking of firing on all cylinders, this film has some of the most over-the-top violence and the last 45 minutes is so outrageous, but I absolutely love it! It’s shot with such confidence and also has a lot of darkly comic moments that it sort of transcends disgusting and becomes hillarious. 

Only thing I’d say is that the middle sort of drags in terms of pacing, meaning the build-up to that violent shootout is a little bit lost, but once it kicks off it’s glorious so it’s pretty forgivable in my eyes. 

I’m really enjoying these Tarantino rewatches, and next time we’ll be looking at the one that started it all on Operation Tino! 

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