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This review may contain spoilers.

Whats In the List?! FINCHER RANKED HERE 

Why would anyone put a loved one through “The Game”? Holy hell, what a damn descent into anxiety and madness. This film had me stressed. Also as a company, the customer journey provided by Consumer Recreation Services is absolutely abysmal. Customers complain over the slightest things (i have worked many years in customer service, people be crazy) but in this, the aim of this customers game is to get the customer to lose control of every single aspect of their life, causing them to spiral and eventually commit suicide. A suicide the company expects and actually wants them to commit because that suicide is the final part of the service. It’s just a prank bro, well done on leaping off that building. You won the game, collect your PTSD on your way out. 

Great film though. I was damn stressed throughout and felt as if I was losing control. Which was fantastic because I was just sat there on the couch with a cuppa tea. Not a lot to lose control over😂 I genuinely never knew what to expect from scene to scene and enjoyed all the twists.

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