Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark ★★★

Oh my, that was not what I was expecting. Sort of like Jaws, but with a lot more titties and not much to do with a killer shark. More of a knock-off Jules and Jim really. It has these two weird dudes that hate each other and fight over a sexy lady, they both have sex with her, then she gets killed by the shark. They don’t really wonder for too long about what happened to her, then become strange sort of frienimies, then pals, then best friends, then borderline lovers, sharing the same woman. They exchange long, deep looks at each other. This is what like half the movie is. And then there are some disturbing shots of actual sharks getting speared and clubbed over the head until dying. It’s kind of fucked. Also, Letterboxd and the Netflix disk case both told me this movie was just under an hour and a half, but this fucking thing was OVER two hours! Not sure if I had some weird extended Spanish cut or something, but the scenes would also go back and forth between English and Spanish. Weird movie, not a lot of shark action to speak of, but a bizarre sort of interesting relationship dynamic that might make you feel strange, haha.


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